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[#<RecursiveOpenStruct _uid="59390507-af66-48b9-ad45-77e3ade8779f", text={:type=>"doc", :content=>[{:type=>"paragraph", :content=>[{:text=>"Increase the efficiency of your teamwork with the seamless integration of Webex Meetings into Microsoft Teams. Add a link to your Webex meeting or personal room meeting directly into your Teams channel message with just a few clicks. Use the Webex tab to schedule your meetings and invite channel members with ease. Your scheduled meetings will automatically appear in members' upcoming meeting lists and in their Microsoft Office 365 calendars.", :type=>"text"}]}, {:type=>"heading", :attrs=>{:level=>5}, :content=>[{:text=>"Easy participation and start of video meetings", :type=>"text"}]}, {:type=>"paragraph", :content=>[{:text=>"Joining or starting a video meeting has never been easier. Simply click on the link provided in the channel or on the Webex tab to start or join your meeting. With the Webex Meetings integration with Microsoft Teams, you can significantly increase your productivity and efficiency. Utilise the full potential of your teamwork with this powerful integration.", :type=>"text"}]}]}, subline="", headline="", component="richtext_content">, #<RecursiveOpenStruct _uid="7be4ecba-a84c-408f-80db-917d0ad89e44", text={:type=>"doc", :content=>[{:type=>"paragraph"}]}, subline="", headline="", component="richtext_content">]